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Dedicated to promoting community interest in the computer arts and sciences.         

          From ENIAC to the laptop, computers have transformed our society. Computer literacy is a requirement in today's business world. Software applications, operating systems, and the various computer languages are getting more sophisticated all the time. No one can know everything. That is where the New Mexico Computer Society (NMCS) can help.
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Access Database Users Group
MS Access

Bear Canyon Computer Club

General Computer

Internet users group
Internet + Windows

Internet users group


LINUX open source operating system Users Group

Multimedia Users Group


OS/2 Users Group


NMCS is a nonprofit corporation organized to promote community interest in the computer arts and sciences. We help people learn how to use computers and what can be done with computers, and most of all, we strive to facilitate the sharing of information about computers within our community.

       NMCS is organized into a number of special groups. These groups usually meet once a month for question-and-answer sessions, to hear presentations by experts in the field, and share information about topics of interest. These meeting and the attending members can be a great resource for networking and getting practical answers to problems related to computer use. Members also have access to other resources such as Yahoo groups, special events that include door prizes and a free 1 day course at New Horizons Learning Center.

       NMCS is always seeking new members. Come join us! Annual membership fee is a low $12.00 ($1 per month if mid year before December meeting) and allows you access to all special interest groups plus enjoy all the other benefits.

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